Compliance to AS – AS/NZS – ISO – BS – EN – ASTM – NFPA –

& Other international standard provides your customers with the satisfaction and credibility that the public and corporate world require for extensive regulations worldwide within product safety.

VicLab staff can guide you through your certification process with step by step reports that outline all the performance requirements of your product.

Delivered tailor made packages for your certifying body your product and manufacturing process will be ready for certification.

VicLab works with vast knowledge of all local and international certification and notified body’s worldwide in all accredited product testing. From the smallest elastic sample to firefighting suits rated for structural firefighting. VicLab will help you understand maintain and develop any batch and quality control testing necessary for initial certification and or consumer protection notice awareness.

Internationally accepted ISO 17025 accredited reports help your product breakthrough into Global markets.

Working with Australia and International leading certification Authority’s VicLab reports have become an Industry benchmark in the field of product testing over the last two decades.

Bringing safety for the Australian and International public front and centre in this ever increasing world of fast pace changing occupational health and safety.

VicLab can provide a one stop shop for your certification compliance reports from Top to Toe.

For Certification to ;

AS/NZS 2210.3                                     AS/NZS 2210.4                     AS/NZS 2210.5

AS/NZS 4821                                         ASTM F2413                         NFPA 1971

AS/NZS 4824                                         AS/NZS 4967                         AS/NZS 2161.6

AS/NZS 1906.4                                     AS/NZS 1906.1                     NFPA 2112

AS/NZS 4602.1                                     AS/NZS 4602.2                     AS/NZS 4067

AS/NZS 2161 suite of standards which includes                            EN 420 / 388

AS/NZS 4179 : 1997 ( ISO 10282 : 1994 )                                       AS/NZS 4011 : 1997 ( ISO 11193 : 1994 )

AS 4758.1                                              AS 2227                                 AS 1900

AS 1512                                                                 AS 1499                                 AS 2260

ISO 12402 suite of standards including ISO 12401

AS 1801                                                 EN 397                                   ANSI / ISEA Z89.1